About Acetec

Acetec is a specialist in developing and manufacturing products in air, climate and energy technology such as dehumidifiers, air purifiers, ozone generators and ventilation units. Acetec's products are also manufactured in Sweden, the production is done in Älvsbyn.

The company is the industry leader in terms of quality and environmental awareness, which has also been reflected in the company's growth and profitability since its start in 2009.


“Many try, but few succeed. Noor definitely succeeds in its SEO work. Now we are at the top of Google with several of our most important products. It makes a big difference to us in both getting more visitors and more business customers. Furthermore, we are reducing our workload.”

Our mission

Acetec wanted to increase its organic visibility through Google to reach active consumers searching for dehumidifiers and ventilation units, etc. Acetec had worked successfully with, for example, Google Ads earlier, but through organic search there were large market shares to gain.

How was the result?

Through a close and successful collaboration with the e-commerce company Vendre we have succeeded in increasing the organic visibility by 56 percent. This has been achieved by implementing changes to the existing site to make it more compatible as an e-commerce site. In addition, we have worked continuously with technical optimizations in Vendre's platform as well as content and off-page work. In addition, it is particularly pleasing that Acetec's growth is only increasing, despite prevailing circumstances with Covid-19.


Data from May 28, 2020

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