Since early spring 2018, we have worked together with the GHP Kirurgkliniken and have had a close cooperation where we have focused on SEO and digital advertising.

The goal from the start has been to drive more visitors to the website to build their brand and at the same time get more potential patients to contact them.


Development of visitor numbers

Development since project start

Statistics – Mar. 20, 2018 - May 13, 2019



Ongoing measures

During our collaboration, we have been very focused on getting GHP Kirurgkliniken to the top on Google. Here we have actively worked with the SEO parameters required to get their website to overtake the competitors, which entailed editing texts as well as a number of technical measures on the site.


A close collaboration that resulted in an increasing number of visitors from Google, which led to a strengthened brand and to more people contacting the GHP Kirurgkliniken for surgery requests.

Development of keywords

Data from May 31, 2021

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