In the fall of 2019, then Made for sales made a change, expanding from only offering recruitment and interim in sales to becoming MADE FOR. Today, they have a wider range and offer recruitment, interim and executive search in sales, finance, HR and market.

MADE FOR is specialized in recruitment, interim management, Executive Search and education. Companies use MADE FOR because they need to fill business-critical positions or because they want their employees to develop using the training courses MADE FOR offers.

The recruitment and staffing industry is very tough, like many other industries. In Sweden, there are over 3000 recruitment companies, so it is very important to work with their brand and visibility digitally.

MADE FOR's expansion has resulted in the fact that it has evolved from a niche company that only offered recruitment and interim management for sales to a company with many specialist areas.


“With our expanded areas of expertise, we are looking forward to an increased drive thanks to Noor. The dialogue has been excellent from the start and we are looking forward to continuing our long and strong collaboration.”

Our mission

Our mission from the start has been to increase traffic from organic visitors through search engine optimization, in order to generate more leads and at the same time build up MADE FOR's brand.

In addition to that, we work continuously to generate leads through Google Ads search on relevant and cost-effective keywords.

How was the result?

Our collaboration has been going on very well for a few years now, we have achieved our goals with regard to organic investments. MADE FOR has received very good rankings in Google's search results, which has led to greater awareness of the brand and increased traffic to the website.

Development of keywords

Data from Dec. 1, 2021

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