Who is Menta Fönster?

Menta Fönster are specialists in windows. They sell all over Sweden and in their store in Varberg. They have a large assortment of everything from windows in several variants to sliding doors and patio doors in different materials. All windows and doors in PVC, wood or wood/aluminum are custom-made to fit each individual house.

Menta Fönster is a company with a genuine interest in providing the best service for its customers. Their customer service is extremely popular and receives good reviews, which we think says a lot about a business. It is also something that fits well with the experience we have had throughout our collaboration with Menta Fönster.

Menta Fönster

Our mission

We have been working with Menta Fönster since autumn 2019. Our work has been focused on SEO, digital advertising, and social media.

From the beginning of our collaboration, the goal has been to increase traffic to the site to drive in new customers, increase visibility and heighten brand awareness.

"We are incredibly pleased with our collaboration with Noor, which has helped us rank better on our most important keywords. They have continuously optimized our search engine marketing. They work improvement-oriented with a high level of commitment. All communication runs smoothly. Highly recommend to those who are in need of services within SEO & SEM!”

Joel Tuvesson, CEO, Menta Fönster

Ongoing measures

Throughout our collaboration, we have put a lot of focus on giving Menta Fönster better rankings in the search results on Google. We have worked actively with the necessary SEO measures, which among other things involved updating texts, writing articles, as well as all important technical measures on Menta Fönster's site. We have also started campaigns in social media and via Google Ads for an increased brand awareness.

Data from June 10, 2021


At first, it took a few months before we could see the real effect of our SEO work. However, after ongoing optimizations and a large portion of patience from both Menta Fönster and us at Noor (as we know that it can take some time), we are now overjoyed to see that our hard work is starting to pay off.

Our measures have, among other things, resulted in an increased awareness of Menta Fönster's brand. Our SEO work has led to some nice rankings on important keywords. A good example is "PVC windows". Since the beginning, the goal had been to be in the top 5 – so the fact that at the time of writing, we are in place 4 pleases us just that little more.

Our future collaboration

We will maintain the close dialogue we have today and continue to work actively on delivering an increased digital presence on all channels.

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