Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how we at Noor Digital Agency AB, org. No. 559017-1954, ("Noor Digital", "we" or "us") will process your personal information. It also describes your rights and how you can assert your rights.

You can always expect that we process your personal data securely. You can contact us at any time if you have any questions about your personal information or this privacy policy, by emailing us at [email protected]

1. Personal information collected about you

Noor Digital Agency AB collects and processes various types of personal data about you in connection with you applying for one of the jobs we advertised on the Website or requesting cost suggestions/analysis for one of our services. The information collected varies depending on which service we have advertised or what service/analysis you are requesting assistance with. Therefore, it is not necessarily required that all the information listed here will be processed in your particular case. For example, we may process the following categories of personal information about you:

Contact information, such as e-mail address, telephone number and postal address. Information about you, such as name, language preferences, age and hobbies.

Professional skills and tasks in the application, such as answers to selection questions in the application form, skills and competencies, language skills, CV, personal letter, past and relevant work experience, other experiences, academic background, grades, type of service sought, references, and any other information that you include in your application.

Your communication with us. In other words, the information that you include in your emails to us or that you otherwise provide to us through communication. For example, we collect and process information if you contact us and have questions, such as relevant circumstances, your contact information, the time you contacted us and other essential information we need in each case to assist and handle the request.

Activity and device information. In order to offer the most customized website and value offer for your device, we collect language, browser, operating system and screen resolution. Although we will not normally be able to identify you through this information, sometimes individuals can be distinguished from this type of technical information.

2. How your data is collected

The information we collect from you is typically the information you provide in connection with applying for a job via the Website, asking for a cost proposal/analysis or via ads in social media.

When you visit the Website, we try to learn more about you as a visitor. We use e.g. cookies to see how you use the Website. You can read more about how we use cookies in our cookie policy under point 8.

3. How your information is used and the legal foundations we base the processing on

To communicate with you. Your personal information, in particular the contact information, views and other information you provide in your communication with us is used to communicate with you.

To follow laws. Noor Digital Agency AB is obliged to comply with Swedish law. This means that your personal data will be processed to the extent required by law or other legal obligations.

To protect Noor Digital Agency AB, you and others. We may process your personal data if necessary to defend or assert our, your or others' rights, business interests or other legitimate interests. It can, for example, be needed if you or someone else makes demands on us. It is necessary to protect you and others as well as other legitimate interests, such as our interest in being able to defend ourselves against or make legal claims.

To create aggregate statistics for development purposes. Device information and aggregated statistics are used as a basis for continuing to develop and improve the Website. This is done with the support of legitimate interests, including Noor Digital Agency AB's interests in developing and streamlining the Website.

To be able to inform you when we publish articles on To target customized advertising to you on other websites, such as Google, LinkedIn and Facebook.

With your consent. Your personal information may also be used for other specific purposes than stated above, if you ask us or allow us to do so.

4. How your information is shared with others

People who work with us. Your personal data will be shared with people who work at Noor Digital Agency AB, but only people who need access to them in order to perform their tasks, such as our web developers or digital marketers.

Other parties. Your personal information may also be shared with other parties if you ask us or allow us to do so. The information is treated confidentially and is not disclosed to third parties unless otherwise necessary – for example, in order to send e-mails to you via a third-party tool.

5. Treatment outside the EU/EEA

We always strive to process your personal data within the EU/EEA. However, your personal information may sometimes need to be transferred to companies outside the EU/EEA when we use a supplier with a seat or server outside the EU/EEA.

You should be aware that other rules may apply to your personal data outside the EU/EEA, which can sometimes result in poorer protection. However, we always choose our suppliers with care and take the necessary steps to ensure that your personal data is always offered an adequate level of protection in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These measures include entering into the EU Commission's standard contract clauses or ensuring that suppliers are located in a country where the EU Commission has an adequate level of protection, or that the company, if located in the United States, is affiliated with Privacy Shield.

You can always contact us if you have any questions about applicable safeguards.

6. This is how long your data is saved

Information you submit in your job application is compiled and saved as long as we believe you are eligible for a job. Information that you provide when requesting a cost proposal or analysis is stored as long as we believe we can create value for you as a potential customer.

Contact information, views and other information you provide in your communication with us are stored as long as the communication is in progress, or as long as we need the information in order to handle your case.

Personal data that is processed with your consent as a legal basis is deleted if you revoke your consent or when your information is anonymized. Note, however, that this does not affect our right to process the data prior to the recall.

7. Your rights

The right to submit complaints to the supervisory authority. You have the right to contact and file a complaint with the Data Inspectorate if you believe that your personal data has been handled incorrectly by us. Read more at You can also inquire with the regulator in the country where you live or work.

To remove yourself from re-targeting advertising:
When you see an ad from Noor - click on the cross or arrow in the upper right corner of the ad. Select "Why am I seeing this?" There you can choose to stop receiving more ads from us.

8. Cookie Policy

Noor Digital Agency AB uses cookies in order to be able to customize the website as best as possible according to your behavior on our website. A cookie is a text file that is stored in your browser. Cookies store information that we need for our website to function. Cookies also make it easier to use the Internet because you do not have to start over when you visit a website again. In other words, the site can use cookies to remember you and what you want to do. Cookies tell Noor about your website visit and your behavior on our site. Through cookies we get information such as:

  • When and how long you visited the site
  • Which and how many pages and articles you visited
  • If you have visited our site before
  • IP adress
  • What job ads you have visited

9. Updates to the policy

This policy may sometimes need to be changed or updated. The latest version of our privacy policy will always be available on our Website.

Do you have questions about our privacy policy? Feel free to contact us.