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In our inspiring environment, with our skilled and diligent teams, you’ll get the chance to advance in your field. We welcome all talents who are dedicated and eager to climb the ladder and conquer the exciting and changeful industry.

Open positions

Bring your ambition and dedication on to new adventures, pushing the limits to reach new heights together with a passionate team by your side.


What is Noor-culture to you?

“Although we have several distant offices, there is a very unified atmosphere at Noor. We all genuinely enjoy being together, and therefore find ways to support each other and collaborate as often as we can.”


How have you grown during your time at Noor?

“Since I started, both the company and I have grown enormously with a large increase in both colleagues and knowledge, which has been a huge factor in my personal development. Looking back, I realise how far we’ve come, and it’s exciting to know I have a part in that.”


What is the best thing about working at Noor?

“One thing I love about working at Noor is that everything we do is quite unordinary, meaning new challenges everyday that you wouldn’t come across anywhere else.”

Our vision

What we want

We strive to be the leading frontrunners in what we do – to reshape, develop and improve the digital landscape and provide top quality services by always modelling our offers and skillsets to the current demands.

This is Noor


Our values


By constantly seeking out new information and approach challenges with an open mind and a desire to learn, we can stay ahead of the curve and provide new and innovative solutions.


We believe honesty is essential in building and maintaining strong relationships. By always being truthful, we aim to earn the trust of those we work with and create a culture of openness within our team.


Fostering a culture of unity, we aim to create a strong sense of community, celebrating each other’s successes and offer a helping hand during difficult times, knowing that we are stronger together.

perks & Benefits

What we offer

Flexible working hours

With flexible working hours you’re able to plan the day how it best fits into your daily life and routines.

Occupational pension

Noor pays a monthly pension premium during your employment with us, customised with expert consultants.

6 weeks vacation

To balance out extra workload, we offer a complimentary sixth week of vacation for all employees.

Wellness grant

To be able to do your best, you should feel at your best. We offer full wellness allowance to encourage your well-being.

Medical insurance

All employees at Noor have access to medical insurance to cover any healthcare expenses.

Bicycle leasing

For you to get to any of our offices, employees are able to lease a bike through the company.

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