EnergiEngagemang is one of Sweden’s leading players in large-scale solar energy. They specialise in agriculture, industry and real estate installations.

They help their customers find the right way in the jungle of technical solutions and have a solid grasp of everything in the electricity market, laws, regulations, tax issues and finance. All so that their customers can make the most profitable business possible.

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Solar panels

Founded 2012

HQ Strängnäs

Both feet on the ground

EnergiEngagemang wanted to update their website with a new look, as well as develop their knowledge bank to continue helping their customers understand their solar panels. Since they want to be able to quickly share the latest news and keep the page super active, it was very important that the page was easy to update, even from a phone. Since EnergiEngagemang often meet up with their customers on site, they wanted to convey a feeling of “both feet on the ground” on their new website. They also wanted to see a creative alternative to the price matrix they previously used.

Development of visitor numbers

Icon library

In addition to the new web design, we also created a new icon library together with EnergiEngagemang, suited to their services and needs. These icons will be of great use to them, to print on clothes, materials for fairs and to use in presentations. The welcoming and playful tonality of the icons reflect EnergiEngagemang’s own approach.


First contact
Analysing the site
Ad optimisation
Website optimisation
Continuous analysation


The result was a new and fresh page that much better aligned with EnergiEngagemang’s brand. The page is easy to navigate, easy to update and makes EnergiEngagemang stand out from their competition. They now have a solid knowledge bank and good connections to their CRM system to be able to quickly and easily give their customers all the answers they are looking for. The colours and new icon library now reflect much more their warm and familiar personality.

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