Framtiden are, through their great experience and large network of candidates, specialists in finding and recruiting top talents. Through evidence-based recruitment, they help companies find the right candidate with the right skills.

They hire and recruit for both large and small companies in many industries. Among other things, they can help in IT & technology, economics & finance, office & administration as well as warehouse & industry.

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Founded 2005

HQ Jönköping

Ranking on recruitment

In 2021, we began collaborating with Framtiden to boost their visibility in recruitment. Initially, we offered SEO services before taking over their Google Ads account and website rebuilding. We focused on attracting potential employers through display and video ads, with the aim of generating leads. Regular follow-ups with the client helped us optimise keywords and target search intent effectively.

The result

The development in rankings was shown immediately, first among region-specific keywords, linked to the cities where they have offices, then against occupation-specific keywords such as industries and professional roles. After a while, we also managed to reach the top rankings with significantly broader keywords where the competition is substantially tougher. While continuing with this collaboration, we look forward to even greater improvements.

A graphic update

After surveys carried out by the students at Bergh’s Schools of Communication, presenting the habits and behaviours of digital customers, Framtiden decided to update their graphic profile. They wanted a user-friendly website better aimed at their younger target audience (i.e. the candidates), with a design that was simple and sleek, with a happy and personal expression.

It was also important to find the balance between the two target groups, the candidates and the companies, combining playfulness and professionalism.

Progress since project initiation

Statistics 1/11 2021 – 1/2 2023




#1 ranking positions



“Together with Noor, we’ve gotten the help to design a website that both reflects our values and brand while at the same time creating better conditions for users to use the site and get in touch with us. The collaboration has been imbued with good communication, customer service and a high level of expertise.”

Andreas Evermyr
Marketing Director @ Framtiden

Finalised design

The final result for their website was a new and fresh platform with a combination of sleek design together with bright and playful colours and cheerful personal images. This way the website attracts both companies and candidates.

The focus was to create an easy-to-navigate website with high user-friendliness. We also put a lot of focus on simplifying Framtiden’s access to leads through, among other things, “quick forms”, setting a great base for the ongoing work with paid and organic search optimisations.

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