Intenso Teknikrekrytering and Säljpoolen are two companies that both belong to Intensogruppen, which offer a complete solution of recruitment services.

These two companies use competence-based recruitment, supplemented by search and headhunting. Intenso is aimed at candidates in engineering, tech and IT, while Säljpoolen is aimed at leaders and specialists in sales and marketing professions.

Visit intenso.se and saljpoolen.se


Founded 1995

HQ Göteborg

Our mission

The client wanted a design with that something extra to make them stand out from their competitors. Both websites would have the same theme to create recognition, but with vastly different target groups and focus. It was also important for the client that the connections to their API system are easy to work with and to use.

Together with the client, we developed a theme with customisable blocks that can be put together in different combinations. The theme received an even greater focus on being easy to adapt with colour, images and videos in order to easily create two different graphic profiles with different expressions to reach different target groups.


In the end, we delivered two websites with modern and innovative blocks with two widely different graphic expressions. We have also given a lot of focus on making the websites easy to navigate for visitors, with a clear menu and structure. Everything resulted in two domains that share maintenance and code that is also scalable to other websites within Intensogruppen and where all content is easy to edit in the WordPress admin panel. Data for, among other things, job advertisements is retrieved from external systems using an API.

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