Nordiska Kliniken

Nordiska Kliniken is a clinic founded in 2005, performing beauty enhancing treatments in Stockholm, Sweden, thanks to their skilled surgeons, nurses and skin therapists.

The collaboration started solely focused on SEO, before the client decided to move more and more services from other agencies over to us. Eventually, we were managing their SEO content, paid social media posts and Google Ads.

Beauty treatments

Founded 2005

HQ Stockholm

Boosted ranking

During the collaboration, we have worked closely with the client with regular check-ins to follow trends in keywords and find how best to distribute the work to generate clicks via organic search, while at the same time positioning them higher in the rankings on long-tails that are not necessarily synonyms to the various services they perform.

Over the course of our collaboration, Nordiska Kliniken has upped their budget to create even more value for their website.

Progress since project initiation

Statistics 1/5 2019 – 31/1 2023






#1 ranking positions

“We are extremely pleased with Noor as our partner. They are talented, responsive and proficient with great service and availability. Noor always deliver good results and are great with feedback.”

Sam Besara
CEO & owner @ Nordiska Kliniken


As a result of a long-term collaboration, we have been able to make a great difference for Nordiska Kliniken with top results for a large number of relevant keywords, as well as better targeted brand recognition. With the help of overlapping work between our specialists, as well as long-term off-page work, we have been able to help the customer’s brand take place, both in search engines and on social media.

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