Norrlandsoperan is a regional and municipally owned opera house featuring a symphony orchestra, opera, dance, music, art, as well as workshops and studios. Norrlandsoperan’s purpose is to provide space for bolder performing arts and a braver society, with the vision to be a place where the future is created by many and various.

Norrlandsoperan’s new brand direction is “Sweden’s Boldest Opera House,” which their new website aims to fulfill.

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Opera house

Founded 1974

HQ Umeå

Understanding the vision

Our collaboration began with an inspiring workshop where we had the opportunity to get to know Norrlandsoperan in depth. The workshop was a critical starting point for our project. It provided us with insights into Norrlandsoperan’s brand identity and target audience, as well as their unique positioning in the market. Through engaging discussions and creative exercises, we focused on understanding:

  • Norrlandsoperan as an organization

  • Their target audience

  • The core values of the brand

  • Their positioning as “Sweden’s Boldest Opera House”

With this comprehensive understanding, we were able to create a vision for their new website that truly reflects their identity and values.

Simplicity meets functionality

With insights from the workshop, we developed a concept for the new website. The goal was to create a platform where every design decision, from color palette to typography, reflects the opera house’s bold and innovative character. We designed intuitive user flows that make it easy and engaging for visitors to navigate, find information, and purchase tickets.

Through close collaboration with Norrlandsoperan, user surveys, and analyses, we have crafted a user journey that simplifies visitors’ path to finding and purchasing tickets for performances. One of the most significant improvements was reducing the number of subpages by over 60%, making the website more clear and user-friendly.

The Less is More concept goes trough for functionality as well. We import the important data (date, time, price, sales status etc.) about every event and show from the ticketing system Tixly for a smooth editor experience for Norrlandsoprean and an up to date result for the user.

The result

The new website for Norrlandsoperan is more than just a digital presence; it serves as a vibrant extension of their brand. We have aimed to create a design that is both bold and accessible, resulting in a powerful digital experience that engages and inspires visitors. We believe that this improved website will not only increase the opera house’s visibility and recognition but also enhance user experience, thereby strengthening their position as Sweden’s boldest opera house.

A website that is easy to edit and maintain gives the web editors at Norrlandsoperan the confidence and ability to make the website alive, bold and constantly interesting.

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