United Spaces

United Spaces is one of Sweden’s leading coworking companies. With central locations in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Uppsala, Malmö, Jönköping and Helsingborg, they offer everything from part-time access in their lounges to completely private offices.

For over two decades, United Spaces has been a hub for innovation, learning and networking. Since the start back in 1999, the core idea has remained the same: to create a meeting place where interesting people do business and grow together.

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Founded 1999

HQ Stockholm


We have been working with United Spaces since 2022 with paid social, paid search and organic search. To improve the possibilities for our other services at United Spaces, they also decided to create a new website in collaboration with us.

Aligned with this, they also underwent a significant rebranding process with a design agency. With an upgraded graphic profile at our backs, we focused on implementing it in the best way possible together with the technical updates. We had a close collaboration with both the client and the design agency, consisting of a lot of brainstorming, workshops and problem solving.

New look and functionalities

Technically United Spaces aimed to expand the possibility of online purchases on the website, as they had previously only offered membership purchases on the site. Through integrations with their API, they could now also provide bookings for meeting rooms. These integrations also reduce the manual work on the site, as United Spaces no longer would have to update the meeting rooms themselves.

Visually the focus was to create a modern and minimalistic site without losing the playfulness and warmth that United Spaces represent. The essences we went for were engaging, personal, relaxed and progressive, with a strong focus on United Spaces’ slogan “Come grow with us”.

Website results

Together we created a stunning site with multiple integrations and an automatic customer contact as well as GTM tracking on all purchases. The site has a scaled down, intentional use of colours and a big focus on the pictures of United Spaces’ beautiful workspaces. All animations on the page works from the concept of “Come grow with us”, with text and pictures growing into their position.

Through the new design and the thorough SEO work we can already see a result on Google, with United Spaces ranking either first or second on a majority of their locations.

Search platform marketing

By analysing market trends and search behaviours, we were able to effectively target key regions. We developed tailored ads for each area, ensuring that potential clients looking for office space saw our ads exactly when they needed them. With a comprehensive keyword analysis to identify the terms used most by the target audience looking for offices. This allowed us to create focused campaigns that generated quality leads.

With the customer’s insights, we were then able to ensure that all relevant data was collected. This allowed both us and the client to carefully analyse and understand the effectiveness of the campaign.

Covering social media spaces

We have also actively been working with United Spaces’ social media advertising, where we during the course of the collaboration have worked with a full-funnel strategy on both LinkedIn and Meta. The purpose has been to create awareness, drive relevant traffic to the website and get conversions in the form of booked viewings etc.

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