We want to give back to our planet

Our latest emissions measurement showed that we as a company emit 1.95 tons* CO2/month. Therefore, we decided to compensate twice as much.

1.95 tons*

*Calculation is done according to Tricorona, Vi-skogen and an external consultant.

Our environmental investment makes a difference

Noor's emissions are analyzed annually to see in which areas we have the greatest impact on the climate. In these areas, we set goals to improve and strive to reduce our emissions. For emissions that remain despite measures, we decided to compensate 200%.

We choose to invest monthly in a project portfolio with several CDM-certified projects in, among other things, renewable energy and forest planting. We do this through Tricorona.

Sustainable internal goals

At Noor, we see sustainability work as an obvious part of our responsibility as a company. We want to make a big digital imprint, but strive for a small environmental footprint.

We have a clear environmental policy that helps us become a modern agency with sustainability as an important part of its business. Read more about our environmental policy.

Our environmental policy - for a sustainable future

  • We choose trains as the primary means of transport between our Stockholm and Gothenburg offices.
  • We walk, cycle, take public transport or drive an electric car to physical customer meetings whenever possible.
  • We choose telephone or online meetings for customer conferences as much as possible.
  • We choose ecolabelled products when purchasing:
    • - Office Supplies
    • - Cleaning Products
    • - Food
    • - Electronics
    • - Other consumables
  • We motivate our landlords to switch all offices to 100% LED lighting and green electricity.
  • We sort and compost at all our offices.
  • Our company cars are and will be 100% electric.
  • When purchasing food for our offices, we choose to buy vegetarian and organic foods whenever possible.
  • Digital First - As a digital agency, we try to do as much digitally as possible and avoid paper printing to a great extent.
  • We train our staff annually on how Noor should become an example of sustainability in our industry.
  • We regularly evaluate the company's climate impact to reduce our emissions.
  • We integrate our work with sustainability into our daily routines.
  • The management of the company is ultimately responsible for compliance with the environmental policy.