Content marketing

When you lack the words, we tell your story

What is content marketing?

In a digital age Content marketing means to produce target group specific content for the internet that meets the target group's search intention.

You may have ended up here on this website because you are wondering; What is content marketing? And why is it so important?


With the help of content marketing, we can strengthen and elevate our customers' potential, position and placement in search engine results. We do this by creating target group-adapted content that is relevant and valuable to the visitor. Content is a collective term that defines all the content found on websites and social media; text, image and graphics. Without content marketing, companies do not get all the conditions to be seen where they want or to give their customers what they want.


Our copywriters and specialists in social media target your message and content based on purpose, target group and tonality. They even use images and motion media.

We produce personal and interesting content, which suits the visitor, regardless of whether it is the googler or the Instagram user.

We offer professional translation

Today we can offer professional translation of content as part of our offer of content marketing services. We are constantly growing and more languages are added to our portfolio for our translation services. We currently can translate into these languages:







Do you need help with translation?

At Noor, we are international and have multilingual copywriters in-house. They move as masterfully between different languages as a chef does with sharp knives on a cutting board.

We can roughly chop the text that only requires translation, finely chop the text that also needs search engine optimization and spend time sharpening the knives before we tackle the texts that are also of a more complex nature.

This is what the process can look like.

Example 1:

Translation of product texts

We receive an inquiry from an e-commerce customer who sells lighting. The customer wishes to have their product texts translated from Swedish to Norwegian. They do not want keyword analysis or SEO optimization of the texts, but only a straightforward translation. The process from the start-up meeting to the delivery of the translated product texts looks like this:


  • Start-up meeting with project manager
  • The customer sends us their source text
  • The customer gets a dedicated copywriter
  • We translate the texts
  • Delivery of finished texts in the desired language
Example 2:

Translation of articles with SEO customization

In this case, we receive an inquiry from an e-commerce customer who also sells lighting. The customer wishes to have a number of articles translated from Swedish to Norwegian. In this case, they want the articles to reach as good a position as possible on Google's organic search results.


  • Start-up meeting between customer and project manager
  • Customer sends the texts that need translation
  • Customer is assigned a copywriter
  • We do a keyword analysis for SEO customization
  • Translation and search engine optimization of text content
  • We deliver translated texts to the customer
Example 3:

Translation of articles in complex industries with SEO customization

In the following example, we receive an inquiry from one of our customers who is active in the construction and real estate industry. The customer sells project management services in application and web format and wishes to translate a number of articles from Swedish to Norwegian.


  • Start-up meeting with project manager
  • The customer sends us source texts
  • The customer gets a dedicated copywriter
  • We do research on the customer's website and in the customer's industry
  • We do keyword analysis for search engine optimization
  • We do research in the area of each article
  • Translation with SEO customization
  • Delivery of translated texts


The price for our translation services is based above all on how many words the text consists of. In addition, there is a start-up fee and possible revision costs. The price per word varies and is determined by:

  • The complexity of the texts: Depending on the industry in which you are active and the complex nature of your texts.
  • Search engine optimization: Depending on whether you want us to SEO-adapt your texts to meet and appeal to the target group in the best way possible.
  • Quantity: The more texts we translate, the better insight we get into your industry and the complexity decreases over time.
  • Language combination: For example, translating into Swedish costs more than translating from Swedish.