What is Personligtbrev.se?

Personligtbrev.se is a website that offers lots of tips and tricks that can be advantageous for your job search. Here you can download various templates and get examples and tips on how to write your application.


Development of visitor numbers

Development since project start

Statistics – April 1, 2021




267 mallar/dag

What was requested?

In this case, a complete revision of the existing website was necessary. Mostly, because the content in the form of templates and usability was not good enough for the visitors. In addition, the images with the templates did not have a good ranking in the "Google image search" and this is where the majority of those who google in this area goes to.


With the help of a keyword analysis, our web designer, a copywriter and a project manager/SEO technician began to put together a proposal for the page design from a visitor’s perspective. Then, a page structure could be drafted and the design created.

In this case, it was crucial to get high quality customizable personalized letter templates to get visitors to download a template, which they are able to edit on their own.

On top of that, customized templates were needed and specific sub-pages were created for different professions. In addition, we changed the design entirely and created a user-friendly site focusing on image optimization that can get many visitors from Google.

Development of keywords

Data from Dec 17, 2021

What was delivered?

The result was a site with both the technical and content prerequisites to get many visitors to the website via Google.

Now, many top rankings on Google have been reclaimend. Due to the improved user experience, the conversion rate of the number of downloaded templates has also increased by over 72%. In addition, there are top positions on the majority of images when googling is done on the most important keyword, "personal letter" in Swedish.

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