About Tutto Balutto

Tutto Balutto is Sweden's biggest football podcast. Together with their listeners Gusten Dahlin & Thomas Wilbacher discover the highs and lows in the world of football. The podcast has developed into a real movement with football supporters gathering for events both on and off the pitch. For Tutto Balutto, all international football is at the center.


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Our mission

In the first place, Tutto Balutto wanted a responsive website with a focus on mobile. The goal was that visitors would have the opportunity to contribute to an active website. The website would function as a community where football fans gather and take part in Tutto Balutto's products and various projects. The website was supposed to be a platform and a hub for everything Tutto Balutto offers.

How was the result?

The website fulfilled the wishes and in a short time became a popular gathering place for all football enthusiasts. On the website, visitors can listen to podcasts, read articles and chronicles, comment on posts, discuss on the “graffiti board” and enjoy live radio and video. The website is a lively gathering place for everyone who is passionate about football.

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